Eric Ashman



    You hire me to solve your business' technical and strategic needs

    • I can code, I can plan, and I can lead teams.
    • I can sell, I can present, I can close deals.

    I excel in roles at both startups and mature businesses

    • I can bring an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving
    • I have cross-domain expertise in diverse areas like IT support, Sales CRM, and Accounting systems

    I'm very good at bridging the gap between the business team and the tech team

    • I am a clear written and spoken communicator
    • I straddle both worlds so I can effectively deliver real results

    I keep current with the latest tech but am familiar with legacy tech

    • I can help migrate or update existing platforms
    • I constantly evaluate the latest approaches to keep up-to-date

    I keep a 'hacker mindset' (in the traditional sense). I try to learn all I can about anything that challenges my understanding.

    • Creativity, curiosity, and tenacity are part of my DNA
    • I look at WarGames and the ST:TWOK 'prefix code' scene as lessons. "You have to learn why things work on a starship."

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I am a seasoned tech professional deeply entrenched in the world of SaaS and DevOps. My career has been diverse, touching upon sectors like healthcare, advertising, event management, security, and consulting.

I primarily help fellow entrepreneurs or stakeholders at existing firms realize their visions. I thrive on tackling the challenges of software design, infrastructure, and ensuring security and scalability.

My approach is hands-on; I believe in leading by example, whether it's setting up new cloud servers, coding alongside my team or guiding the strategic direction of a project. My passion for technology extends to the latest frameworks and languages along with a healthy set of scars from past experience.

In my career, I've learned a thing or two about keeping things running smoothly and securely, no matter how tricky the project. I want to share those experiences, successes, and even the occasional facepalm moments to further the goals of the business.

Full Stack Software Engineering Leader

I have been creating new technology solutions for over 20 years for businesses large and small.

I help businesses figure out their tech from A to Z. Got an app idea? Need to move your servers to the cloud without breaking everything? Looking to make sure your data's as secure as Fort Knox? I'm your guy. Here's a bit more about what I bring to the table:

    Tech Strategy & Execution: Got a big idea but not sure how to make it happen? I've been there, done that, from drawing board to launch day. Whether it's building something new or giving a facelift to your old systems, I can help.

    Building & Leading Teams: Whether you need a brand-new squad or some fine-tuning to your current team, I've got experience in spades. I'm all about creating environments where tech folks can do their best work.

    Hands-On Development: Yes, I still code. Whether it's whipping up a mobile app or architecting a cloud solution, I'm not just here to delegate—I get stuck in too.


Recently I've been developing using the latest Ruby on Rails ecosystem (Hotwire, Turbo, and Stimulus), as well as API approaches with Nextjs and React front end clients using REST and GraphQL against Rails and Node backends. My skill set is broad, covering Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and Python as well as Bash, Zsh, and other shells for system administration allowing me to adapt to the evolving tech landscape.

In the cloud services and DevOps space, I've worked with platforms like AWS, Digital Ocean, and Heroku, focusing on optimizing costs through strategic audits and refactoring. My experience extends to constructing large-scale CI/CD systems, leveraging Docker, and managing deployments across various platforms.

I am an expert level Linux systems administrator and can also manage bare-metal servers having spent years building and managing data-center racks for various employers over the years. I have also built mobile messaging platforms and many different applications on iOS, Android (and a number of other platforms no longer with us!).

And in sometimes related skills, I am an Audio Engineer with skills in studio operations, recording, soldering, wiring under floors, and generally any tech-related activity involving sound and video. Much of this experience translates well into data-center operations and computer hardware.

I would say my flexibility is my strongest trait - I can manage a project from an idea to a hosted solution, working with in-house and external teams or handling the full-stack implementation myself.


I have a wealth of experience in leading teams, architecting solutions, and driving innovation in the tech industry. From startups to established companies, my career spans a broad spectrum of roles in cloud computing, SaaS, DevOps, and more.

Recent Professional Experience

Alematech LLC
Bethesda, Maryland
June 2012 – Present
Founder and Principal Consultant

In my consulting work, I provide clients with valuable, applicable expertise in the latest technology, tools, and platforms locally and remotely from the Washington, DC area.

More than just 'slideware', I provide hands-on expertise with decades of experience and a unique ability to modernize older platforms. I get my 'hands dirty' and code where I can provide value while also managing other devs in projects with existing deployments.

I have helped various clients in full or part-time capacity go from idea to hosted solution. I am comfortable working with in-house and external teams or handling the full-stack implementation myself.

I can draw on my large network of experts in all areas of software, operations, and IT to expand teams as needed for specialized expertise unique to each project.

Some recent client projects:

  • I've built and manage a custom platform for a large regional franchisee of a fast-casual restaurant chain. It processes nightly accounting data and ensures compliance with store procedures.
  • I've built a event management and community engagement platform for a significant event company which we is being spun off into its own business and product line.
  • I manage and maintain an AI-driven training platform for cyclists being used by people worldwide to train for races.
Gravy Work
Washington D.C. Metro Area
July 2019 – October 2021
Chief Technology Officer

Think of Gravy as Indeed for the hospitality industry. Workers and employers create and maintain a profile, find each other and transact with one another through a simple and easy-to-use mobile app.

I drove the technology strategy and execution for a mobile platform designed to revolutionize the hospitality industry's staffing needs.

Knowledge to Practice - K2P
Bethesda, Maryland
March 2016 – January 2019
Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO at Knowledge to Practice, I provided the technical leadership for K2P’s team of technologists and for our innovative e-learning technology platform, bringing 21st century learning products to physicians around the world.

Knowledge to Practice (K2P) are experts and innovative leaders in clinical education. They collaborate with academic medical centers to share their expertise with clinicians around the world.

Working with the Mayo Clinic’s cardiology and internal medicine groups, they are combining interactive live courses with adaptive online learning so the Mayo Clinic can offer clinicians the ability to learn directly from world-class thought leaders and faculty in a variety of settings - anytime, anywhere.

DrFirst, Inc.
Rockville, Maryland
May 2014 – March 2016
Mobile Product Team Leader / Chief Technologist

As the Chief Technologist at DrFirst, I worked with the CTO establishing best practices in Development Operations, Mobile Application Development, Continuous Integration, and Service Oriented Architecture for the next generation of DrFirst's products.

DrFirst supplies 40,000 providers and over 290+ EMR/EHR/HIS vendors with SaaS solutions for Medication History and e-Prescribing, Secure Messaging and Clinical Data Sharing, and Patient Behavioral Education and Medication Adherence.

Bethesda, MD
October 2012 – March 2014
Vice President, Engineering

As KoolSpan's Vice President of Engineering, I lead the teams developing secure mobile communications software for use with KoolSpan’s TrustChip technology.

The TrustChip simply and intuitively transforms a standard smartphone, or any computing device, into a secure communication device using a purpose-built crypto processor designed into a standard micro SD package. KoolSpan delivers a full suite of security services including key management, authentication and encryption.

Silver Spring, MD
September 2009 – October 2012
Director, Advertising Technology, Location & Commerce
Responsible for the development and implementation of the Nokia/NAVTEQ Media Solutions location-based mobile marketing and content delivery platform acquired from Acuity Mobile where I was VP of Engineering. The patented Embedded Mobile Advertising Platform (EMAP) enables the delivery of targeted content - advertisements, coupons, offers, news, etc. - directly to any mobile device based on the end-user's interests and location. Platform delivers content across all major platforms including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and the mobile web. Also responsible for post-click content delivery for the Location Point Advertising platform, a Nokia product for delivering location-aware ads to users of maps, apps, and mobile web sites. The core platform is based on Acuity Mobile's technology which was acquired by NAVTEQ, a division of Nokia in September, 2009.
Silver Spring, MD
September 2009 – October 2012
Director, Advertising Technology, Location & Commerce
Acuity Mobile
January 2008 – September 2009
Vice President, Engineering
Acquired by Nokia/NAVTEQ in 2009, Acuity Mobile is a leading provider of mobile marketing solutions. Our patented Embedded Mobile Advertising Platform (EMAP) enables the delivery of targeted content - advertisements, coupons, offers, news, etc. - directly to any mobile device based on the end-user's interests and location. First developed in 2000 and awarded several patents in 2003, the EMAP Platform is a highly intelligent, secure solution that learns user preferences and ensures relevant and timely delivery of marketing offers and content. Led by an experienced management team and co-founded by Barry Glick, the founder of MapQuest, Acuity Mobile has an in-depth understanding of the concerns faced by marketers and content owners. The EMAP platform was developed to address those concerns and harness the power of mobile media to drive business.
January 2002 – September 2007
Chief Technology Officer
As the CTO for Proteus, Inc., Eric leads the company's team of developers and engineers in designing and creating innovative solutions for media companies. Proteus' specialty is in using wireless technologies such as SMS, WAP, and J2ME to create the interactive television experiences of the future. With clients such as AT&T Wireless, Sprint, HBO, Cingular, Fox Sports, Univision, and ABC Television, Proteus technology is powering their wireless marketing and information campaigns during major media events each week.
Mars Music
January 2000 – June 2001
VP, Technology and Production
Eric also served as the Vice President of Production and Technology for, Eric managed the New York City production center for the Florida superstore retail chain. He handled the management of the technology infrastructure and the day-to-day production of web-based content on the site which is one of the premier destinations for musicians on the Internet.
September 1996 – January 2000
An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Eric was a co-founder and the Managing Partner for USWeb/CKS's Washington, DC practice, where he handled the oversight, operation, management and strategic direction of the division. After starting the DC location in 1996, he grew the division from just four individuals to over 100 strategists, programmers, and creative staff in less than three years. Eric was critical in the winning and development of clients such as Tower Records,, America Online's Shop@AOL, USAToday, USAirways and First USA's Wingspanbank, helping to grow his office's revenues to over $15 million annually by the year 2000.
Discovery Channel Online
June 1995 – September 1996
Senior Systems Engineer
Was a member of the launch team for Discovery Channel's flagship web site, one of the first large media concerns on the Internet. Helped maintain network and systems for major Internet publishing group. Coordinated technology purchases, system configurations, and Web server maintenance within the Digital Laboratories. Worked with SGI, Sun Sparc, Windows 95/ NT, Netscape Enterprise Server.


Being involved in the software industry today requires a broad range of technical know-how and skills. I have experience with many of the latest technologies as well as some of the technology from legacy systems.

DevOps Skills

Linux System Administration
GitHub/GitLab CI & CD
Amazon Web Services
Heroku/PAAS Providers
General IT Management

Software Development Skills

Ruby on Rails
Databases (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite)


Drop me a note on LinkedIn if you have any business related questions.


Remote work or commute in the Northeast from DC Area